Company specialized in heat treatment and surface structures of steel and cast iron, place of business in a covered area of 2500 square meters which allows the machining of special large sizes up to 100 ton.

To our internal operations are performed annealing / relaxation, and shot blasting of manufactured steel and cast iron, paint, with the most modern technologies. Division of Health Treatment and Surface thanks to the professionalism of its technicians and large size of their facilities, meet the needs of the parent Comba and became a reference for the processing of most of the carpentry and foundries of the north-west Italian.

The company has 2 cranes to 40 ton.

All such activities are conducted in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

Heat Treatment and Surface

OMSG CAPRI Shotblasting machines

OMSG HOIST-TWIN Shotblasting machines

GADDA Tunnel furnaces machines for normalising

OMSG HOIST-TWIN Shotblasting machines